Photography & Images by Ron Donofrio Photography & Images by Ron Donofrio


After years of seeing, capturing, producing images on film, digital and other mediums of photography, i'm presenting and sharing images I had the privilege to appropriate, create, capture and participate in. Most provided an experience in either capturing the image or working on the image. So it was a treat to be a guest of light and time and be a part of the produced work. Now at this point in my life (it moves so I don't know exactly where that is) I want to be more to be more socially conscious and have a visual voice to concerns and blessings at the same time. 

Normally, i'd see, witness or discover something that looked and felt unique to me, in its own right, or captured along with others in a social environment or event, and then produced the image to portray the uniqueness that I saw and felt.
I'd look for the "magic light" or I'd try to pull the magic light from the image or create a visual statement of what I thought was interesting, 

Best was when it was unseen and then seen, by taking an image from the light into the dark and then back out into the light again. Or the happenstance or luck, to be in the presence of whatever was before me. Good and bad. All of which seemed to balance each other, in the overall experiences that I photographed.

At the time, for many of the images that are presented here, there would be a "reveal" or an image would emerge, especially when in the darkroom, and now in photoshop. Sometimes it happened, sometimes it didn't. What was really cool, is when the image that showed itself, was not what I unexpected. That was always the bright light in the dark. It was more than a privilege, for me, I got to be so lit up.

The darkroom was like a party,  even if no one else showed, the invitation read "bring film, chemicals, water, paper, time and music". I always went and had a good time.

Images captured or created from film, or digital, share the same thread of "time, light and space" or the lack of it.
My darkroom is now my computer, iPhone, or scanner, my chemicals and paper are now my software, inkjets, cutters,  and apps. My music, is still my music...and time, and light, well, it is what it is.

Digital allows me to capture or appropriate work in public places, the visual literacy in the space in which we all live. No matter where it is. Creating something different from what is already there, or already seen, but maybe, not paid too much attention to, becomes something new for me to discover, and to share. It's really fun. That's mostly what I do now.

In one of my earliest photographs, written on a painted temporary wall, as part of construction scaffolding, was a message to all of resonated with me and stuck with me and I believe it to be a reminder to this day: "The Fragile Beauty That's All About Us".  I like what I got to feel then, and what I still feel today. "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls".

I still want that uniqueness and magic light to work it's way into what I see and share now. The best of the best has always been the other artists I meet, hangout with, become friends with, have a meal, talk crazy shit, hoist a drink, smoke a bowl and disappear int the light and say hey, when there is something else to show, share or say.

I hope there are few images you can enjoy or at least, get to experience or re-experience. Keep coming back, and I'll keep posting images. Peace - Ron D.